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May 2011: the Cultural Association "Occhio!" is launching a new initiative for the disclosure of significant artistic, cultural and social characteristics of the photographic language.


From this month, in fact, our website has begun to host a monthly showcase of small photographic monographs – a series of somewhat remarkable images, because of their formal or content merits, or from photographers who we deem more inventive and original and clever than most.

The new section of the site entitled PRIVATE EYE will be periodically presenting small virtual personal exhibitions, i.e. consistent series of images accompanied by a brief cv of the author and a short presentation. 

All this is advertised via an extensive mailing list (galleries, critics, institutions, museums, photographers, specialized sites and press – mainly but not only in Italy) and kept available in memory on the websitemonth after month. 


The progressive rarefaction of photography magazines and, on the opposite side, the chaotic abundance of proposals now on the Web have suggested the “Occhio!” Association a thoughtful action to focus on special photo projects, deserving to break away from the now amorphous mass of images daily available on our computer screens. 

Therefore the “Occhio!” Association have decided to look around with the curiosity of a detective and to share its own ideal catwalk, pointing out new authorial photo gazes: from time to time young, expert, original, classic, unexpected, conceptual, aesthetic, abnormal, amazing gazes.

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