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INSIGHT : PASSAGE                  



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Moria De Zen graduated in advertising at the NABA Fine Arts Academy in Milan; she did visual studies on communication, graphic and photography. As a photographer, her work has been exhibited since 2003 in personal and collective exhibition and photography festivals, in Italy and abroad. She has received awards and honorable mentions at international competitions among which are Premiofotografico in 2009, IPA International Photography Award in 2010, and FIOF Professional Photography Awards in 2009, 2010, 2011. She is now based in Treviso, Italy.

The three series (The Tree, Passage, Sidelight) composing the work Insight investigate the relationship between Man and Nature in the light of the atavistic human desire to return to the motherland. The artist experiences this relationship through her body and chooses to perform within evocative places in Veneto, her native land. Only through rays of Light, leitmotiv of the whole journey, is Man enabled to penetrate the mystery of life in its multiplicity of meanings, finding unity and harmony

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